Scrotal and Right Mate Information


Why Buy Wilson SimAngus Bulls


Add pounds at weaning time with easier gain and maintenance thereafter with our moderate framed efficient converting bulls. Our bulls are pasture calved and raised in rough country with no pampering or creep feed. We wean them back on to grass or long stem hay with a protein supplement for approximately 30 days before starting them on a high fiber pellet. We utilize a 60 acre pasture to promote exercise as well as good feet and leg development.

Eye Appeal

We believe in producing black cattle that are smooth polled, structurally sound, square hipped, deep bodied, well muscled and good haired. We understand you want to be proud of the cattle you produce and have bred our bulls to meet that expectation. You will be happy to keep the heifer calves to join your cow herd while your steer calves bring a premium at market.


All bulls we sell meet or exceed breeding soundness examination standards set by Dr. Jim Myers at Belle Fourche Veterinary Clinic. We are happy to report that our past customers repeatedly state our bulls did their job all summer and came back in good body condition. We guarantee all bulls through the end of your first breeding season.


Life is too short for bad horses or wild cattle. Any bull calf with a bad attitude in our corral is promptly introduced to a sharp knife and later sold as a steer. We continue to monitor disposition as the bulls mature and cull accordingly.