Family Operation

We are a third generation ranching family located a few miles northwest of Alva, Wyoming. After years of raising commercial cattle we were fortunate to purchase most of the Pannell Ranch registered angus cows when they were dispersed. We added to that quality base with similarly bred high performing registered Angus Cows with great maternal characteristics. We elected to breed this group of cows to purebred Simmental primarily to produce half-blood females for which we saw a big demand. We were pleased to find this cross not only produced desirable females but also outstanding bull calves.


The function of crossbreeding is to maximize heterosis, or hybrid vigor, but it is important to utilize breeds whoe genetics will compliment each other.

SimAngus is the convenient way to capture heterosis and value. This crossbreeding system has the ideal balance of maternal and carcass traits. No two breeds offer more commitment to profitability.

We believe we have raised a group of bulls ready to turn out, cover lots of ground and breed cows. Several buyers at last year's sale have reported that when our bulls came back from doing their summer breeding they were in good body condition and looked about like they did when turned out.

We hope you will take the opportunity to try our bulls out and give us your reports next year.

Bull Sales

We initially held private treaty sales and were pleased to sell these SimAngus bulls to many of our friends and neighbors. In 2013 we elected to move our sale to St. Onge Livestock Exchange.

Thank you for your consideration of our bulls and we look forward to seeing you at St. Onge Livestock on March 29th, 2024.